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" A three-dimensional collage, a construction in the aesthetic - spatial interstice between the architecture and the sculpture, between the function and the contemplation, between the site specific and the landscape, between the environment and the use. " J.G. on T.H.

H.U.M. Multi Purpose Room consisted on the building of a freestanding dwelling unit for multiple daytime uses. It was installed in a private abandoned area in the Hacienda de Guapamacataro (Mexico) only used as green for animals. We choose the suitable site for the building bearing in mind, persons' traffic, climatic and geographical factors.

The size of the construction was 300 x 260 x 230 cm.

We worked out the idea before the building in collaboration with two architects in Buenos Aires, Marina Zucon and Sofia Picozzi.

For the construction we used found materials available at the area of the Hacienda (like wood, strips, doors, old furniture, etc.) that we restored. For the structure were used girders of wood, and transparent pvc for the roof.

Thw work was thought as an experimental space where we developed and offered diverse activities that involved the community and the artists in residency. We had in mind the idea of chinese box (a never ending set of boxes that unfold and open up) that allowed us to versatility in the functions of the work: building-center of activities-sculpture.
Our intention was to trigger in visitors creative ways of facing immediate situations where the social, the community or the aesthetic were blended and could be used as a platform for future projects.

Spanish language classes, music events, organic mushrooms growing classes, animal hypnosis, badmington championship, books given as souvenirs, fireworks, tea ceremony, were some of the activities held at H.U.M. during the residency. Also the fact that the room was setled at a short distance from a rural school helped it to be used and taken by children for freeform activities.